Lecture 18

Which would be more similar between drosophila and

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Unformatted text preview: e a “prototype eye” They look so Different. Do they have anything in common? Mutants were found in a variety of different organisms in which animals did not have eyes Iden=fy the gene/genes that were responsible Drosophila: “eyeless” Vertebrate: “pax ­6” Look at mutant phenotypes  ­/+  ­/ ­ Human small eyes no eyes Mouse small eyes no eyes Drosophila small eyes no eyes Look at the proteins encoded by these genes paired domain homeodomain (% iden=cal at amino acid level) Human pax ­6 to Mouse pax ­6 100% 100% Mouse pax ­6 to Drosophila eyeless 94% 90% Gehring 2005 If we looked at the DNA sequences, mRNA sequences, and protein sequences of eyeless and pax ­6, which would be more similar between Drosophila and Mouse? a. DNA b. RNA c. Protein Targeted expression of eyeless induces ectopic eyes in Drosophila What next? Is eyeless so critical for eye development that we can change other cells into eye cells with the expression of this gene? Evidence for conserva=on of gene AND its func=on: Introducing Pax ­6 gene (the mouse homolog of eyeless) into Drosophila How is this experiment done? a. Introduce eyeless gene with its own regulatory sequences intact b. Introduce eyeless gene...
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