Lecture 23

Accounts for majority of estrogenic achvity leaching

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Unformatted text preview: ­isopropylidene ­2 ­diphenol Bisphenol A is found in:   polycarbonate plasHc   Nalgene bocles   Baby bocles   epoxy resins   food can liners   dental sealants   Carbonless copy paper   Toys   eyeglass lenses   medical equipment/ tubing AND leaches from these items under normal use. Found in human serum, urine, amnioHc fluid, follicular fluid, placental Hssue, umbilical cord blood. 95% of Americans carry detectable levels of BPA that are within the range of concentraHons known to reliably cause adverse effects in laboratory experiments. 7 5/1/13 BPA disrupts the endocrine system and triggers a wide variety of disorders: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  BPA is found throughout the environment: Air, water, land. Accounts for majority of estrogenic acHvity leaching out of landfills in US and Japan. Chromosomal and reproducHve abnormaliHes Impaired brain and neurological funcHons Cancer Cardiovascular system damage Adult ­onset diabetes Early puberty Resistance to chemotherapy Dose (µg/kg/day) Effects in rats and mice 0.025 Permanent changes to genital tract 0.025 Changes in breast Hssue that predispose cells to hormones and carcinogens 2 increased prostate weight 30% 2 lower bodyweight, increase of anogenital distance in both genders 2.4 Decline in tesHcular testosterone 2.5 Breast cells predisposed to cancer 10 Prostate cells more sensiHve to hormones and cancer 10 Decreased maternal behaviors...
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