Lecture 23

Forgo anhbacterial soap and other products 3 use

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Unformatted text preview: 30 Reversed the normal sex differences in brain structure and behavior 50 U.S. human exposure limit (not a result from an animal study, guideline set by EPA) Study Year 2005[43] 2005[44] 1997[45] 2002[46] 2004[47] 2007[48] 2006[49] 2002[50] 2003[51] 1998[52] What about effects of BPA on primates?? PopulaDon EsDmated daily bisphenol A intake ug/kg/day Infant (0–6 months) formula ­fed 1–11 Infant (0–6 months) breast ­fed 0.2 ­1 Infant (6–12 months) 1.65–13 Child (1.5–6 years) 0.043–14.7 Adult 0.008–1.5 Five Dps for avoiding everyday toxins Check out the safety of your personal care products (hcp:// www.cosmeHcsdatabase.com/). Avoid: Pthalates (anH ­androgen), parabens (estrogen mimic), D4, D5 si...
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