Lecture 5

Transcription dna 42 is packaged with proteins to

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Unformatted text preview: cription DNA 4.2 is packaged with proteins to form Genes make up 15.1 have different versions called can be if first TRANSCRIBED by may change due to 3. RNA processing by occasionally make errors, causing RNA 12.4 causing can be TRANSMITTED 11.1 can be Mutation 15.4 12.1, 13.1–4 to somatic cells by DNA polymerase to form Tail Mature mRNA or other agents can be and 14.3 17.1–4 18.1–4 RNA polymerase • Breakage • Duplication or deletion due to errors in meiosis • Damage by radiation 13.2 14.5 15.4 COPIED 16.1 Cap Chromosomes 11.1 18.2 Alleles are EXPRESSED 15.2 may regulate whether genes Primary transcript (pre-mRNA) Chromatin 18.2 consists of functional units called Genotype 13.2 to germ cells by MITOSIS MEIOSIS 11.1 12.1 14.3 starts with includes • Independent assortment • Recombination starts with Parent cell 12.2 13.3–4 Parent cell MUTATION 15.4 4.3...
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