Lecture 5

Transcription primary transcript pre mrna 3 rna

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Unformatted text preview: und to proteins) 2. Transcription Primary transcript (pre-mRNA) 3. RNA processing Tail Cap Mature mRNA Cytoplasm 4. mRNA stability Degraded mRNA (mRNA lifespan varies) 5. Translation mRNA Polypeptide 6. Post-translational modification (folding, transport, activation, degradation of protein) Active protein Figure 2.3 Nucleosome and chromatin structure (Part 2) Arginine (R) Lysine (K) 1 1/29/13 Figure 2.3 Nucleosome and chromatin structure (Part 2) Figure 2.3 Nucleosome and chromatin structure (Part 3) LQ Some histone modifications (Only 4 of 8 Tails Shown) Figure 2.4 Histone methylations on histone H3 GENETIC INFORMATION Nucleus 1. Chromatin remodeling is archived in base sequences of Chromatin (DNA-protein complex) Text section where you can find more information Open DNA (Some DNA not closely bound to proteins) 2. Trans...
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