Lecture 6

19 modifying nucleosomes through methylated dna dna

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Unformatted text preview: etween methylation and gene activity Figure 2.19 Modifying nucleosomes through methylated DNA DNA methylation can block transcription by preventing transcription factors from binding to the enhancer region (HDAC) Methylation of cytosine residues around genes helps maintenance of transcription patterns Figure 2.20 Two DNA methyltransferases are critically important in modifying DNA 3 1/31/13 Epigenetic Regulated Events in Mammalian Cells •  Epigenetic drift •  Genomic imprinting •  X-inactivation Nature Reviews Genetics 2012 Feb (13) 97-109, R. Feil and M. Fraga LQ! Agouti mice •  Agouti gene: encodes paracrine signaling fa...
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