Lecture 6

A allele tells melanocytes to produce yellow pigment

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Unformatted text preview: ctor that influences melanocytes to produce yellow pigment. –  A allele tells melanocytes to produce yellow pigment (transient expression) –  a allelle= agouti gene mutated, melanocytes make black pigment –  Avy allele = viable yellow , allele altered by upstream IAP element w/ promoter (constitutive expression of agouti) Heterozygous Avy/ a Environmental factors influence DNA methylation and therefore gene expression! Genomic imprinting Most gene expression derived from both maternal and paternal alleles. Some genes are imprinted: the expressed allele depends on parental origin. 4 1/31/13 Nuclear transplantation results show that both parental genomes are required for normal development the embryo and the placenta: Some genes for yolk&placenta dev turned off in maternal genome Some genes for embryo dev turned off in paternal genome Imprinted genes affect not only early development, but also later growth of the embryo. DNA methylation is required for imprinting̶ Imprinting is reversible >> Inherited imprinting is erased during early germ cell development<< Specifically IMPRINTED genes (methylation marks on select genes) are NOT disturbed Genome wide de and remethylation From Nature Reviews Genetics 2007 April (8) 253-262 R. Jirtle and M. Skinner 5...
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