Lecture 7

3 2513 high resolution structure of ribosome associate

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Unformatted text preview: . 3 2/5/13 High resolution structure of ribosome associate with tRNAs̶showed mRNA directly contacted by rRNAs present in active sites of ribosome dark blue, 30S proteins; magenta, 50S proteins. cyan, 16S rRNA; gray, 23S rRNA; light blue, 5S rRNA A-, P-, and E-site tRNAs (gold, orange, and red, respectively) RNAs with multiple ribosomes (polysomes) as viewed by scanning EM" Yusupova et al., 2001, Science 292: 883-896 mRNA translation can be regulated several different ways: ! Casein mRNA half-life in the presence and absence of prolactin " "1) Differential RNA longevity/stability" "2) Selective inhibition of translation" "3) Localization of mRNA" "4) Regulation of the metabolism and activity of " initiation and elongation factors." " Exp: Cultured mammary cells pulsed with radioacJve RNA precursors, then chased. Casein RNA isolated and radioacJvity monitored. Mechanism: RNA Storage Some non- translat...
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