Lecture 7

Post translational modification folding transport

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Unformatted text preview: modification (folding, transport, activation, degradation of protein) Active protein 1 2/5/13 Differential RNA Processing •  Censorship̶ deciding which nuclear transcripts are processed into cytoplasmic messages RNA Censorship: Different cells send different nuclear transcripts to cytoplasm as mRNA •  Differential Splicing̶ one mRNA, many proteins Differential RNA Splicing" " Alternative Splicing Exon in one cell is INTRON in a different cell. Notice RNA:RNA and RNA: protein interactions in intron and at exon: intron junctions Alternative Splicing Cell uses EITHER exon 8 OR exon 9 2 2/5/13 alpha-Tropomyosin The Dscam gene of Drosophila can produce 38,016 different types of proteins by alternative nRNA splicing \ Alternative splicing can create a family of related proteins from one mRNA Dscam protein is specifically required to keep dendrites from the same neuron from adhering to each other dendrites alpha-Tropomyosin \ Translational Regulation Different types of muscle contain different combinations of proteins that guide splicing in a tissue specific fashion...
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