Geo - Unit 4 - 4-07Human activity and slope...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-07Human activity and slope failureMinimizing damageavoid slide prone areasrecognize when movement is acceleratingpreventionwater removal/diversionslope reductionplant vegetationstabilize loose materialretaining wallsHydrological cycleDrainage basin and stream system terminologyPrecipitation and pathways to the streamMass movement varies in:•Material that moves (mud, soil, rocks)•Amount of material that moves•Rate of movement (very slow to very fast)Recognizing slide prone areas•Geology○Whether the rock is at a high angle and basically fragile•Old slide deposits•Features and setting•Motion started/acceleratingPrevention/mitigation•Slope reduction•Avoidance•Slope reduction/terracing•Vegetation•Rock bolts (increase friction)•Drain or divert water•Retaining wallHydrological cycle•Water at the surface•Collects into the river system•Sunevaporation•Condensation, clouds, precipitation•Precipitation at elevation results in water w/ potential energy at the surfaceWays that water gets into channels...
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Geo - Unit 4 - 4-07Human activity and slope...

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