Whether the mechanisms for the two substrates are

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Unformatted text preview: do not need to print out or submit any plots. b. Which substrate is kinetically more stable to hydrolysis, based on the data above? Justify your answer. c. Based on your calculated ΔS‡ for the two substrates, what can you conclude about the following items for both substrates? i. The organization of the transition state ii. Whether the rate- determining step involves an associative or dissociative mechanism iii. Whether the mechanisms for the two substrates are similar or different from each other Chemistry 160 problem set 10 Due Friday April 19, 2013 by 4 pm 3. Last week, we examined some kinetic data for a chemical species, AX, that undergoes substitution for an incoming group, Y. Based on your analysis, you (hopefully) determined that the reaction was first- ord...
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