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B the kinetic data for the dependence of kobs not

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Unformatted text preview: er in AX. We will now determine the role that the other two chemical species play in this reaction. AX + Y ¨༊ AY + X This substitution reaction can go through either an associative (SN2) or dissociative (SN1) substitution mechanism. These mechanisms are below: Associative AX + Y D༄ X- A- Y (k1 for forward, k- 1 for reverse) X- A- Y ¨༊ AY + X (k2) Dissociative AX D༄ A + X (k1 for forward, k- 1 for reverse) A + Y ¨༊ AY (k2) a. Using the steady- state approximation, derive the expression for kobs for each of the two mechanisms, in term...
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