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5r cv 25r and is initially at 10 atm and 25c please

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Unformatted text preview: has a constant specific heat capacity of 4.184 J g- 1 K- 1? In this case, you’d state that one quantity is x times greater than the other. 2. A three- step process is outlined below for 1 mole of hydrogen, which behaves as a diatomic ideal gas (specific heat capacities: Cp = 3.5R; Cv = 2.5R), and is initially at 10 atm and 25ºC. Please determine Q, W, ΔH, and ΔU for each step of the process, in kJ. a. First, the gas is allowed to isothermally and reversibly expand to a final pressure of 1 atm. b. Second, the gas is cooled under constant pressure until it contracts to its original volume. c. Third, the pressure of the gas is increased under constant volume conditions to a final pressure 10 atm. 3. 20 liters of compressed N2 at 10 atm and 25ºC is allowed to expand in an adiabatic manner to a final pressure of 1 atm....
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