A a direct plot give your best estimate of n and kd

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Unformatted text preview: e following three plots, and determine n and Kd (in μM) from each plot. Please use Excel or some other graphing software to generate your plots, and attach a printout of all three plots – one plot per page, in landscape format – to your submission. a. A direct plot (give your best estimate of n and Kd based on your plot) b. A double reciprocal plot c. A Scatchard plot 3. What is the pH of a saturated aqueous Ba(OH)2 solution? The solubility of Ba(OH)2 in pure water at 20ºC is 3.89 g per 100 mL water. 4. Consider the binding of thiocyanate (SCN- ) to colorless Fe3+ in an aqueous solution – the product is an orange 1:1 complex, Fe(SCN)2+. a. Which direction would the equilibrium shift...
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