Km would increase as well as km km the trend is the

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Unformatted text preview: ibitor is removed, then the following changes result: • Vmax’ would increase, as Vmax’ = Vmax/α. So, as [I] decreases, Vmax’ increases. • KM is unchanged, as it is unaffected by the presence or absence of inhibitor. Therefore, the effects on the plot would be: • y- intercept increases because Vmax’ increases • slope is unchanged • x- intercept increases also, since Vmax’ increases Doubling of [E]0 (green triangles) Since Vmax = k2[E]0, doubling [E]0 results in a doubling of Vmax’ without any impact on KM. Therefore, the effects of this doubling of enzyme concentration are identical to that from when the inhibitor is removed, as above. Non- competitive inhibitor plot...
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