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Unformatted text preview: site for CHEM161 (General Chemistry for science and engineering majors, Pre‐Med, etc.). Students planning to take CHEM161 must take CHEM139. Prerequisite: MATH 085 with a 2.2 or better within the last 3 years (MATH 098 recommended) III. Textbooks/Materials • Introductory Chemistry, 4th edition, by Nivaldo J. Tro • The SCCC CHEM 121 Fall 2012 Lab Manual (available at the SCCC Copy Center, BE 3105A) • A new, bound composition notebook (with no missing pages and at least 80 pages) to use as a laboratory notebook • Students must also purchase a basic scientific, non‐programmable calculator that can perform exponential (EE or EXP) and logarithmic (log and ln) functions (e.g. a Texas Instruments TI‐30Xa). CHEM 121 Syllabus Fall 2012 p. 1 of 4 IV. Student Learning Outcomes: After successful completion of this course, students will be able to do the following: 1. GENERAL SCIENCE, LABORATORY SCIENCE, AND MICROSCALE • Apply the scientific method and use empirical data and observations to construct a sound scientific explanation. • Distinguish between macroscopic observables and the underlying microscopic properties of matter by interpreting and representing matter using molecular‐level drawings. • Develop good laboratory practices in conducting experiments and reporting experimental results (inclu...
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