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CHEM 121 Syllabus Fall 2012 p. 1 of 4 CHEM 121: Introduction to Chemistry Fall 2012 Section 02: Daily 11:00 11:50am (in SAM 400 ); Lab: Tuesday, 2:00 4:50pm (in SAM 405 ) I. General Information Instructor: Marie Villarba, Ph.D. Office: SAM 420 Phone: (206) 934 4130 (You may leave messages at this number.) Email: [email protected] Web site: http://seattlecentral.edu/faculty/mvillarba/CHEM121 Office Hours: Monday: 12:00 1:00pm (SAM 403), Tuesday: 1:00 1:45pm, Wednesday: 1:00 2:00pm, Thursday: 9:00 9:45am, 2:00 3:30pm, and by appointment II. Course Description This 5 credit course provides an introduction to the qualitative and quantitative principles of chemistry for non science majors and students enrolled in two year allied health science programs (Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Respiratory Care, etc. This course covers the following topics: the scientific method, measurements and the metric system, dimensional analysis and problem solving, matter and energy, atomic theory, chemical bonding and intermolecular forces, chemical nomenclature, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, solutions and concentration , acid base reactions and pH, reaction rates, equilibrium, and nuclear chemistry. This 5 credit course includes a 3 hour laboratory component. Note: CHEM121 does not serve as a prerequisite for CHEM161 (General Chemistry for science and engineering majors, Pre Med, etc.). Students planning to take CHEM161 must take CHEM139. Prerequisite: MATH 085 with a 2.2 or better within the last 3 years (MATH 098 recommended) III. Textbooks/Materials Introductory Chemistry , 4 th edition, by Nivaldo J. Tro The SCCC CHEM 121 Fall 2012 Lab Manual (available at the SCCC Copy Center, BE 3105A) A new , bound composition notebook (with no missing pages and at least 80 pages) to use as a laboratory notebook Students must also purchase a basic scientific, non programmable calculator that can perform exponential (EE or EXP) and logarithmic (log and ln) functions (e.g. a Texas Instruments TI 30Xa).
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CHEM 121 Syllabus Fall 2012 p. 2 of 4 IV. Student Learning Outcomes: After successful completion of this course, students will be able to do the following: 1. GENERAL SCIENCE, LABORATORY SCIENCE, AND MICROSCALE
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