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Unformatted text preview: problems to prepare for quizzes and exams. While homework from the Tro text is submitted or graded, students must complete the homework assignments to develop the necessary problem‐solving skills to successfully complete the course. Quizzes: Short quizzes will be given in class to review previously covered material. Please bring a basic scientific calculator to every class. Quizzes will be given on the Fridays when no exams are scheduled. No makeup quizzes will be given, but the lowest quiz score will be dropped. Exams: Four exams will be given (see CHEM 121 Schedule for exam dates). Make‐up exams will only be allowed for excused absences (e.g. illness with a doctor’s note) as determined by the instructor. The lowest exam score may be replaced with the final exam score if the final exam score is greater. Laboratory Work: Check the CHEM 121 Schedule for the experiment to be carried out each week. • Students may only attend their scheduled 3‐hour lab period. Each experiment is set up for one week only. No make‐up labs are allowed! Students missing more than 2 experiments will receive a failing grade in the course. • Students must come to lab prepared, having read the entire experiment, prepared the lab notebook, and completed the Pre‐lab assignment, which is due at the start...
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