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Unformatted text preview: of each lab period. No late prelabs will be accepted. • After each experiment, all calculations must be completed and post‐lab questions must be answered. Completed lab reports are due by the start of lab the following week. Lab reports submitted during the lab willbe penalized 10%; other late lab reports will be penalized 10% per day. Final Exam: The final exam is comprehensive and will cover all material presented during the quarter. The final exam will be given on the assigned date according to the Final Exam Schedule. CHEM 121 Syllabus Fall 2012 p. 3 of 4 Grading/Evaluation: The course grade will be determined from the following: Quizzes: 10% Exams: 50% Final Exam: 20% Lab Reports: 20% using the following grade scale: 87‐89%=3.2‐3.4 (B+) 77‐79%=2.2‐2.4 (C+) 65‐69%=1.0 (D) ≥95%=4.0 (A) 84‐86%=2.9‐3.1 (B) 74‐76%=1.9‐2.1 (C) 60‐64%=0.7 (D‐) 90‐94%=3.5‐3.9 (A‐) 80‐83%=2.5‐2.8 (B‐) 70‐73%=1.5‐1.8 (C‐) <60%=0.0 (F) Students must withdraw from the class (“W” on transcript) or change to audit (“N”) or “No Credit” (NC) on or before November 16h. No NC’s will be granted after the 10th week. Note that while an NC will not affect your GPA here at Seattle Central, many universities consi...
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