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Unformatted text preview: olume of gas at STP given mass Percentage composition: ‐ Find percent composition of all elements in a compound given its formula or name. ‐ Use the formula or name of compound and its percent composition to determine the mass of one or more elements in a sample of the compound. Chapter 7: Chemical Reactions Balancing Equations Change coefficients, NEVER subscripts to get same # on both sides in the following order: 1. Balance metals. 4. Balance carbon atoms. 2. Balance polyatomic ions – Keep as one unit. 5. Balance oxygen atoms. 3. Balance hydrogen atoms. 6. Balance all other atoms. Classify reaction types and balance equations for the following: ‐ Double‐replacement/Precipitation (P) ‐ Combination/Synthesis (C) ‐ Double‐replacement/Acid‐Base Neutralization (N) ‐ Decomposition (D) ‐ Combustion Reactions (B) ‐ Single‐replacement/Displacement (SR) REACTION TYPES – Combination/Synthesis reaction: – metal + nonmetal → ionic compound (s) – Decomposition reaction: AZ → A + Z – Single‐replacement reactions – Activity Series, list of Active Metals, and Solubility Rules, w...
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