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Constructing our dependency graph requires time

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Unformatted text preview: pendencies between comparators. The shortest path is the one with the most edges, or the most dependencies between comparators. Constructing our dependency graph requires ¢´Ö ¾ µ time because we consider all pairs of comparators once. The graph is a dag since we only have edges ´Ú Ú µ if . Thus, we can run Ç´Ö · Ö ¾ µ Thus, we have a total DAG -S HORTEST-PATHS, which has a running time of ¢´Î · µ running time of ¢´Ö ¾ µ. Define a comparison network as standard if Õ Õ for Õ ½¾ Ö. (b) Give an algorithm to convert a comparison network with Ò inputs and Ö comparators into an equivalent standard comparison network with Ò inputs and Ö comparators. Solution: We iterate over all the comparators in order. At a comparator ´ Õ Õ µ, if Õ Õ , we do not perform any action and continue with the next comparator. If Õ Õ , then we need to standardize the comparator by changing it to ´ Õ Õ µ. Note that now the output that used to be on Õ is on Õ and viceversa. Thus, we also need to reverse Õ and Õ in all subsequent comparators. That is to say, we consider all comparators ´ Õ· Õ· µ for ½ Ö Õ. If Õ· Õ , then we change the comparator to be ´ Õ Õ · µ. If Õ · Õ , then we change the comparator to be ´ Õ Õ · µ. We perform similar actions for Õ· Õ and Õ · Õ . We then continue on to the next comparator. The proof of correctness is just a simple induction argument over the number of comparators iterated over. To be equivalent, we simply need that after flipping the Õ Ø co...
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