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Unformatted text preview: f treatments difficult Discussion: effectiveness of monitoring intervention, encouraging immunization Topic 4 – Education: Key Readings: Easterly (2002) “Educated for What?”, Case “The Primacy of Education”, Banerjee et al. (2007) “Remedying Education ”, PE Ch 4 Economic Concepts: supply and demand for education in dev. countries (Turkey example), macro relationship b/w growth vs income levels and education Discussion: INPRES experiment in Indonesia (more schools=>higher wages), teacher absence problems, endogeneity in cross‐country comparisons Topic 5 – Family: 1 Key Readings: PE Ch 5, Sen “100 million missing women” Economic Concepts: Quality‐quantity trade‐off, gender‐biased family investment decisions, demand/supply for contraception Discussion: identifying quality‐quantity trade‐off, understanding the motivation for gender‐ biased investments 2...
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