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What is a transform boundary? o Boundary where the plates move opposite to each other, grinding What is a convergent boundary? o Boundary where two plates collide and one goes under the other one, subduction zones What is a divergent boundary? o Boundary where the two plates move away from each other What are intraplate earthquakes? o Earthquakes where the foci and epicenter are located inside the plate and not along the faults What are some earthquake hazards? o ground motion, failure of structures, uplift/subsidence, mass movement, fires/exposure, seiche/tsunami What is liquefaction? o There are a lot of loose particles in wet clay. When the clay gets excess water in it the particles come apart and will flow, resulting in the ground giving up. Relatively gentle slopes. Which structures do best in an EQ? Best to worst o Wood, steel, brick, slab and pillar What’s the difference in building on solid or loose material, EQ wise? o Seismic waves travel more slowly in unconsolidated sediment (fill, loose sand and mud) than in bed rock. Because the energy of the wave doesn’t change, the amplitude goes up and there is more damage to structures What is some evidence of a future EQ? o Swelling in the rock o Drop in water levels in wells. Cracks allowing for escape of water What prevention methods are there? o The one in Denver of them releasing little earthquakes by lubricating the faults with water What're the thicknesses of oceanic and continental crusts? o Oceanic: 10 km, Continental: 40-70 km What are the compositional layers? o Crust, mantle, core What are the mechanical layers? o Lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, inner core What are body waves? o
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Study Guide - Geo - What is a transform boundary o Boundary...

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