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The Male Privilege Checklist

40 if i have children with my wife or girlfriend

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Unformatted text preview: ompiled by Barry Deutsch, aka “Ampersand.” Permission is granted to reproduce this list in any way, for any purpose, so long as the acknowledgment of Peggy McIntosh’s work is not removed. If possible, I’d appreciate it if folks who use it would tell me how they used it;7 my email is barry- at- amptoons- dot- com.) amptoons.com/blog /the- male- pr ivileg e- checklist/ 5/21 12/8/13 The M ale Pr ivileg e Checklist | Alas, a Blog (This is a continually updated document;7 the most current version of The Male Privilege Checklist can always be found at amptoons.com/blog/the- male- privilege- checklist . To see posts discussing the Male Privilege Checklist and various items on it, please visit this archive page). * * * Related links For another feminist list with a different thematic approach, see Andrea Rubenstein’s “Think We’ve Already Achieved Equality? Think Again.” A list of links to many other “privilege lists.” 755 Responses to The Male Privilege Checklist 7 01 Jak e Sq u i d s a y s : Au g u s t 1 3 , 2 0 1 3 a t 1 0 :4 1 a m Edited to...
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