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Unformatted text preview: volves systematically integrating resources to accomplish tasks Directing is the process of attempting to influence other people to attain an organization’s objectives Leadership Motivation Communication Managing groups or teams Controlling involves regulating the work of those for whom a manager is responsible International Business Approaches Taking a Global Focus • Globally focused organization: an organization that invests the primary authority for major strategic decisions in the home office Centralized authority, and its international subsidiaries usually follow the same or similar strategy in each of their markets Normally attempt to market a relatively standardized product across geographic markets which provides economies of scale and helps to manage costs and thereby enhance profits Subsidiaries often share resources, allowing the most efficient allocation of resources throughout the company May be unable to take advantage of market opportunities when they occur An international subsidiary operating in a globally focused organization does not have the flexibility to react quickly to competitors’ strategic moves They are vulnerable to competitors taking strategic actions with the intent of “stealing” market share in the local market Cannot respond easily to customers’ needs in the local market...
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