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A-MT-Ch05-Carrier-drift-in-electric-fields - cfields...

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E E N quilibrium quilibrium e 1) Electr 2) Therm 3) They a 4) Howe 5) Motio Non equilibri o Electr o Force o Newto o Newto = No optic = No elect = No carrie = No othe electrons in s ron “gas” mal energy = are like free ever, collision on of electro ium electron ric field E on electron onian mecha onian Mech Chap Carrier dri cal excitation tric field er injection r excitation solid kT 2 3 = kine electrons w ns (scatterin ons = Diffusiv ns in solid : anics: anics + Scatt pter 5 – page 1 ft in electric n etic energy ith mass * e m ng) with latti ve motion = E e F m F a t a v tering 1 c fields * e ce atoms ar Random wa * e e possible alk motion
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V Th o Avera elocity and cu hought exper ge drift velo urrent riment: Cub cur Cur It i Th Chap ocity v be with elect rrent density? rrent density s: dQ us: J pter 5 – page 2 E drift v μ = mobility dimension ( tron concentr J x A n e d t v A n e A d d 1 J 2 E =
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A-MT-Ch05-Carrier-drift-in-electric-fields - cfields...

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