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Unformatted text preview: ta ained. A linear IV characteristic cs is an ohmic c characterist tic Drift current = D = Current indu uced by an ele ectric field Chap pter 5 – page 3 3 3 Ex xample: Assu ume sample w with dimensio ons 1 mm × 1 mm × 1 cm. A Assume that n = 1018 cm–3 o V o Calcula ate conductiv vity of sample e RI l 1 l I I A A 1 cm 1 10 mA 1 1 cm 1 00 2 10 V 0.01 cm Calcula ate electric field E 10 V cm o Calcula ate electron m mobility (neglect minority carriers) e n e e o en 6 cm 2 ( V s) Assum me that ni = 1012 cm–3. Calcu 0 ulate p. p ni2 n 10 6 cm 3 m o o o Calcula ate number o of holes in sam mple Number of ho N oles = 106 cm –3 10–2 cm3 = 104 holes m s...
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