What isthe cur rrentdensity cur rrentdensity j 1

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Unformatted text preview: ncentr ration n mov ves with veloc city v. What is the cur rrent density? ? Cur rrent density J 1 dQ A dt It is: dQ e n A dx e n A v dt Thus: J 1 e n A v dt env A dt J env Chap pter 5 – page 2 2 El lectron and h hole current Je e nv J Je Jh Jh e p v with v E , one obtains w s J e n e p h E Ohm’s law and O d conductivity y J E Comparison o of the last tw wo equation yields e n e e p h … where conductivity … c –1 –1 and dimension {} = cm m Conductivity does not depend on electric field E. Th hus a linear J J‐versus‐E (and I‐versus‐V) characteristi c will be ob...
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