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A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors

A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors -...

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In In C n p It E (N U U T E R ntrinsic = Pu ntrinsic = N hemical mo o Electr o Positiv = concentr = concentr t is quilibrium c No external Under equilib o there o there o there o there Under equilib o electr o electr hermal gene quilibrium re ecombinatio o Proba ure = Undo o impurities del = Broke ron is taken o ve charge is ration of ele ration of hol oncentratio stimuli such brium condit are no exte is no light il is no voltag is no other brium condit ron hole pair ron hole reco eration rate ecombinatio on rate. ability that o Cha Intrinsic oped s added en bond mod out of a Si S left behind ectrons in the les in the va p n n = n i as light, ele tions … rnal stimuli, luminating t e applied to stimulation tions … rs are gener ombine = G i on rate = R i ne electron Prob pter 3 – page 1 semiconduc del i bond e conduction lence band ( i n = in ectric field, e that is, the semicon the semico ated due to i i G R recombines bability p ctors n band (CB) VB) intrinsic carr etc. ) ductor nductor the therma s with any ho rier concentr l energy of c ole per unit ration carriers time
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Chapter 3 – page 2 o Probability that n electrons recombine with a hole per unit time Probability n p o Recombination rate: p n R r r proportionality constant o
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A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors -...

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