A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors

At85 t rn86 n ra88 d electronshe ellstartstobe

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Unformatted text preview: does not inclu ude elements s with partiall ly filled d‐ and d f‐electron s shells) (Periodic I II III IV V H1 Li3 Be4 B 5 C6 N7 Na11 Mg12 Al13 Si14 K19 Ca20* Ga31 Rb37 Sr38* Cs55 Fr87 VI II VIII H e2 O8 F9 Ne10 e 5 P15 6 S16 17 Cl1 Ar18 r 2 Ge32 3 As33 34 Se3 Br35 r Kr36 r In49 0 Sn50 Sb51 52 Te5 53 I5 Xe54 e Ba56** * Ti81 2 Pb82 3 Bi83 84 Po8 At85 t Rn86 n Ra88 * d‐ ‐electron she ell starts to be e filled ** d...
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