A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors

O proba abilitythaton neelectronrecombines swithanyho

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Unformatted text preview: e eration rate = Gi Equilibrium re ecombinatio on rate = Ri Ri Gi Recombinatio on rate. o Proba ability that on ne electron recombines s with any ho ole per unit time Prob bability ∝ p p Chapter 3 – page 1 o Probability that n electrons recombine with a hole per unit time Probability ∝ n p o Recombination rate: R r n p r proportionality constant o Recombination in an intrinsic semiconductor Ri r ni pi r ni2 o Generation in an intrinsic semiconductor Gi Ri r ni pi ni2 Chapter 3 – page 2 Extrinsic semicondu ctors Doping = adding a foreig D gn element Doping by … D sion o Diffus o Implantation (ion implantatio on) o During g epitaxial growth n‐type se emiconducto ors Fi irst thought t experiment t: o Remo ove one Si atom in a Si cr rystal and re eplace it with h a phospho orus (P) atom m. o Si is group‐IV elem ment. P is gro oup‐V eleme ent Chemical bon nd model Band model f for donors ral (left‐hand d side) or ion nized (right‐hand side) The donor is either neutr Once the don O nor donates its electron, , the donor i s positively charged Io onization en nergy or acti ivation energy o Ed ≈ 5 5 – 50 meV o At T = 300 K: Ther rmal energy y =...
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