A-MT-Ch03-Intrinsic-&-extrinsic-sem iconductors

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Unformatted text preview: mpensated Si The free carrier concentration is then given by n ND NA p NA ND or Doped semiconductors = Extrinsic semiconductors In group‐IV semiconductors, there is only one type of lattice site (Example: Si) In III‐V semiconductors, there are two types of lattice sites (Example: GaAs) o the group‐III site (Ga site) o the group‐V site (As site) In III‐V semiconductors, a Si dopant can occupy either site, and then acts a s donor or an acceptor A Si dopant in a III‐V semiconductor is an amphoteric dopant Amphoteric dopants o Origin of word: “Amphi…” means “dual nature” o e.g. an amphibian vehicle can drive on land and swim in water (dual nature) o e.g. an amphibian animal can live on land and in water (dual nature) o Amphoteric dopants can act as acceptor and as donors Example: Si in GaAs is an Amphoteric dopant SiGa = Donor SiAs = Acceptor Chapter 3 – page 5 Periodic Sy P ystem of El lements c System is sim mplified and d...
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