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Unformatted text preview: om es bac k to Am eric a's unwillingnes s to target the real problem , whic h was 123's original point: m ental illnes s . 1 Avatar S ol odon • Reply Share › 9 m onths ago this really is nt the is s ue... but whatever.... m illions of kids , teens , adults play thes e gam es , yet only a handful of folks go pos tal.... m os t of them have m edic al or m ental is s ues .... probably do m ore to c urb violenc e by s topping folks with m ental is s ues from driving c ars and public trans portation... as they have to get to a loc ation to c om m it their c rim es .... 1 Reply Share › J R W I S C O N S I N I TE Solodon • 9 m onths ago Avatar Reply J R W I S C O N S I N I TE • A.B. Stodda rd Bre nt Budow sky Give a break to Boehner A debt deal for Americ a More Colum nists » This Congres s m an is jus t another typic al liberal who rather than putting the burden of res pons ibility where it belongs , on the c rim inals , blam es a piec e of s oc iety. 1 C OL UM NI ST S Ge t la t e st ne w s fr o m Th e Hill d ir e c t t o y o u r inb o x , RSS r e a d e r a n d m o b il e d e v ic e s . Enter Email Addres s Share › 9 m onths ago dem oc rat lawm aker introduc es another nanny s tate bill whic h intrudes into our pers onal lives and interferes with parental dec is ion m aking. 1 Avatar nudni k Reply • Share › 9 m onths ago Better c hec k with Tipper Gore. She tried this bac k in the 80s . The only effec t was to inc reas e s ales . 1 Reply F ranc i s Share › nudnik • 9 m onths ago Tipper Gore tried this over MUSIC, whic h is a whole different s tory, and s he only wanted warning labels , not prohibitions . 1 Reply nudni k Share › Francis • 9 m onths ago "MUSIC"? Violenc e in gangs ta rap, although m us ic to s om e, would s eem to m e to exc ite s om e undes ireable ins tinc ts . 1 Reply Share › s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s 6/10 10/10/13 Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley 1 Avatar F ranc i s • Reply Share › 9 m onths ago Sounds reas onable to m e. But Republic ans will find a way to s c reec h at our Pres ident over it. 1 Reply Share › J R W I S C O N S I N I TE Francis • 9 m onths ago Your c om m ent s ays it all. This has nothing to do with the pres ident. But you are already defending the pres ident bec aus e that is all you know. If obam a told you to jum p off a bridge, you c learly would bec aus e you are a 100% obam a puppet. 2 Reply robert bubba2 Share › Francis • 9 m onths ago You would know reas on yea right ! W hat els e is bounc ing around in that em pty s kull on top of your nec k ! Queen of the flies Franc is ! How thic k are you s preading the s hit on your s andwic h ! 1 Reply Share › W hat an i di ot . . . robertbubba2 • 9 m onths ago W hat an intellignet, erudite rem ark from SUCH an intelligent liberal....NOT! Go look in the m irror and s ee the definition of "em baras s ing." Reply Avatar S W w i fe • Share › 9 m onths ago Banning videos from c hildren is n't enough when you have a new gam e that lets you kill the NRA pres ident 1 Reply Sha...
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