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Unformatted text preview: bal Affairs » Don Carl os Francis • 9 m onths ago W ere all thos e adult in your fam ily idiots too? 2 Avatar pat het i c • Reply Share › 9 m onths ago Mathes on argued that his bill is different than the law the c ourt s truc k down bec aus e California had tried to define violent video gam es , awes om e. now you have to get pas t the OTHER laws inc luding the the ones that us ed the exac t s am e language that c ourts s truc k down but pleas e dont let that s top your liberal as s . 2 Avatar 123 Reply • Share › More In The Know » R EGW A T C H Indus try pans low-s ulfur gas regulations as c os tly , unneeded Senator: ObamaCare ‘about as c lear as mud’ OSHA hands out penalties for Tex as fertiliz er blas t Blogs News Feed As with anything dealing with m ental health and violenc e. It is n't the ac ts them s elves that direc tly c aus e thes e ac ts , it is the individuals ability to perc eive violenc e in a norm al or des truc tive way. I s ee nothing wrong with this if s tudies s upport it m ay have an effec t, but only as a m eans to attac k the real root of m ental health is s ues . Reply W as s erman Sc hultz reveals purs e 'obs es s ion' W ebs ite helps people ‘drunk dial’ Congres s Sen. Heitk amp draws laughs , tears at breas t c anc er fundrais er More RegW atch » 9 m onths ago 2 IN T HE KNOW T E C HNOL OG Y BL OG ROL L Te ch Dir t Pos t Te ch The 463: Ins ide Te ch Policy GigaOM Sus an Cr aw f or d blog Te ch Daily Dos e CNET Polit ics and Law Ar s Te chnica Te ch Policy NYT Bit s Blog Te chPr e s ide nt Huf f ingt on Pos t Te chnology Share › fi ve fo o t s t e p s 123 • 9 m onths ago Sad thing is it's always a s c apegoat. Before it was m us ic , now it's gam es . 4 Reply F ranc i s Share › fivefoots teps • 9 m onths ago Mus ic and gam es are c om pletely different s oc ial phenom ena. Reply Share › fi ve fo o t s t e p s Francis • 8 m onths ago I.E. You m is s ed the point 1 Reply fi ve fo o t s t e p s Share › Francis • 8 m onths ago My point in relating the two is that it's the s am e exac t war, and the exac t s am e problem with c om m on perc eption - if you really look at it from the way it's being s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s 5/10 10/10/13 Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley handled and perpetuated in the m edia, es pec ially if you look bac k at his tory. around the 20's and 30's it was booz e and m arijuana. around the 30's and 40's it was the film indus try that was c orrupting am eric a. from the 50's all the way to the 80's and 90's it was m us ic (i.e. "parental advis ory"). Now, through the 90's and through to the 2010's it's video gam es . Rem em ber when Doom was blam ed for the Colum byne s hootings ? Rem em ber when Elvis and the like were blam ed for teenagers wanting to have s ex? Rem em ber c ens ors hip in film ? The prohibition? It's the exac t s am e war, jus t a different target. It all c...
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