But to c reate another im m ortal bureauc rac y that

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Unformatted text preview: Dem oc rat to propos e a c erem onial and s uperfic ial s olution that will ac c om plis h nothing. But to c reate another im m ortal bureauc rac y that will infringe on freedom s . 3 Avatar Don Carl os Reply • Internet freedom group s plits from tec h c ompanies over s urveillanc e c onc erns Shutdown derails implementation of c y bers ec urity order Yelp hires Is s a aide as firs t lobby is t E2- W IR E (ENER GY ) W hite Hous e will open park s if s tates pay Shutdown tens ions s eep into c oal hearing Shutdown grounds EPA ‘lis tening’ tour More E2-W ire (Energy) » BA LLOT BOX rac e DNC launc hing Spanis h-language ads on s hutdown Bloomberg vows to fight gerry mandering More Ballot Box » ON T HE MONEY 1 S n o r b e r t Za n g o x HILLIC ON V A LLEY Georgia bus ines s man pos ts $1.8M for Senate The c ountry got what it voted for on Novem ber 6th. No s ym pathy from m e for Republic an Nov 6 s ore los ers . Avatar More Tw itter Room » More Hillicon Valley » Not under Obam a. Mark m y word: this will be jus t one m ore added line item to his exec utive order lis t. 1 Boehner s pok es man tak es flak for c alling Hous e Dems 'hos tage tak ers ' State is mos t followed agenc y Twitter ac c ount by lawmak ers Biden c alls park ranger: 'I'm proud of y ou' Share › 9 m onths ago Unreal res tric t videos to m inor? s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s Heritage, Club for Growth will not oppos e new Boehner debt-limit plan GOP s eek s hard deadline on debt Ry an OKs forming budget c onferenc e More On The Money » HEA LT HW A T C H Hous e probing botc hed ObamaCare rollout ObamaCare c ontrac tors wield major influenc e, analy s is finds Poll: 9 of 10 people report ObamaCare enrollment failure More Healthw atch » FLOOR A C T ION Hous e pas s es border s ec urity bill, 13th s inc e s hutdown Mik uls k i: Defaulting is ‘deadbeat, deadbeat, deadbeat’ Senate pas s es death benefits meas ure More Floor Action » T R A NSPOR T A T ION Trans it union poll: Swing dis tric t voters bac k Amtrak Report: Truc k er Beltway protes t bac k on 4/10 10/10/13 Avatar Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley Unreal res tric t videos to m inor? Report: Truc k er Beltway protes t bac k on Truc k ing as s oc iation dis tanc es its elf from Beltway protes t W ho in a is H*LL is c om m itting thos e horrendous c rim es ? adults idiots , and m os t of thos e are nut c as es jus t look at their fac es ? More Transportation » 3 DEFC ON HILL Reply Share › Di s gus t ed by Li beral s Don Carlos • 9 m onths ago I agree...this is a new trend am ong white people...traditionally it has been the negro c om m itting thes e heinouis c rim es , proven by the fac t m os t pris on inm ates are negro. 1 Reply F ranc i s More DEFCON Hill » GLOBA L A FFA IR S Share › Don Carlos • 9 m onths ago Moron, ALL adults were previous ly youths . Reply Pentagon s hould c hange 9/11-era rules of war, s ay s Obama nominee Shutdown s topping c ompens ation pay ments to Afghans Karz ai c alls meeting on pos twar plan Share › Hous e panel s ends c hild abduc tion bill to the floor US downplay s impac t of Egy ptian aid c ut Poll: Is raelis dis trus t Obama on Iran More Glo...
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