The ratings s ys tem is c lear and s traightforward

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Unformatted text preview: re › fi ve fo o t s t e p s SWwife • 9 m onths ago It's entirely up to parents to buy thes e things for their c hildren or c hoos e not to. The ratings s ys tem is c lear and s traightforward, it's as s im ple as the m ovie's ratings s ys tem . You wouldn't take a young c hild to s ee blac k hawk down or s aving private ryan would you? M for m ature is s im ilar to R for res tric ted, and if parents paid attention this wouldn't be an is s ue. There's even books you wouldn't want a c hild to read, how c an s om eone be s o naive? 5 Avatar Derpy • Reply Share › 20 days ago They already res tric t the s ales of violent video gam es ... W al-Mart c ards m e any tim e I buy a gam e there. Reply Avatar Robert B ruc e Share › • 2 m onths ago thanks for s haring this s tuff here with us .i found s o m any logic and anti logic a parent i will allow m y kid to play s om e learning gam es c hildren than violent gam es and that's final. Reply Avatar m r . o b vi o u s • Share › 7 m onths ago its not gam m ing that m aks ps yc hopaths , bonnie and c lide didnt do it nether did adolph hitler, its the weaklings that feel s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s 7/10 10/10/13 Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley do it nether did adolph hitler, its the weaklings that feel unim portant who las h has nothing to do with gam m ing... Reply Avatar Gues t Share › 8 m onths ago • My ques tion to all thos e in oppos ition is "why not?". W hat benefit do thes e gam es bring to our s oc iety? Could thes e brilliant program m ers and developers talents not be better us ed els ewhere? W hy not go bac k to jus t a handful years ago when s ports and other les s explic it/realis tic gam es would s uffic e? I don't think this s hould be a politic al is s ue bec aus e the 1s t am endm ent is very im portant. I think all the people who "turned out fine" s hould be willing to give it up and s ay "no thank you" and s top the profit s tream . Unfortunately, there are c hildren whos e lives revolve around thes e gam es whos e c hildhood joys are found on the internet and s pend m ore tim e talking to other gam ers than their parents . It's s ad but true. I s ee thes e los t boys at the park all the tim e.. no parent in s ight, pretend guns , bullying eac h other, s o realis tic with their c om m ands and dem eanor, intens e and totally out of touc h w/ reality (las t week one walked by m y 18 m onth year old and barked at him vic ious ly for no reas on.. it was s o odd), s oaking in every m inute of this tem porary power before they go hom e to what I c an only expec t is a s ad s ituation. So no, banning thes e gam es wont fix everything but why not? Reply Avatar Share › M i c hael E . Douroux • 9 m onths ago It's tim e to put a violenc e tax to the tes t. Reply Avatar gl enns • Share › 9 m onths ago is the evening news anything like it was from `65 to `75? now that was fun to watc h while eat...
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