Wobam a dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of

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Unformatted text preview: nce m e nt s Ne w M e m be r of t he We e k M y 5 M in. W/Obam a Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley study whether v ideo games c o ntribute to real-wo rld v io lenc e. I n a pho ne c all, Matheso n to ld T he Hill that he o f f ered similar legislatio n in past sessio ns and that he had been wo rk ing o n a new draf t o f the bill bef o re last mo nth's sho o ting. All Capit al Living VIDEO HillTube EVENTS V ide o CLASSIFIEDS Jobs Clas s if ie ds RESOURCES M obile Sit e iPhone But he said the sho o ting "pro v ides additio nal need to at least talk abo ut this issue." I n the 201 1 dec isio n strik ing do wn the Calif o rnia law, the Supreme Co urt c o nc luded that v ideo games are pro tec ted under the First A mendment. “Lik e the pro tec ted bo o k s, play s and mo v ies that prec eded them, v ideo games c o mmunic ate ideas — and ev en so c ial messages,” Justic e A nto nin Sc alia wro te in the c o urt's opinion. iPad He said that Calif o rnia's argument that it c o uld restric t speec h direc ted at c hildren is "unprec edented and mistak en." Law m ak e r Rat ings "No do ubt a state po ssesses legitimate po wer to pro tec t c hildren f ro m harm ... Andr oid Or de r Re pr int s Las t 6 Is s ue s but that do es no t inc lude a f ree-f lo ating po wer to restric t the ideas to whic h c hildren may be ex po sed," Sc alia wro te. Out s ide Link s RSS Fe e ds CONTACT US Adve r t is e Matheso n argued that his bill is dif f erent than the law the c o urt struc k do wn bec ause Calif o rnia had tried to def ine v io lent v ideo games, whereas his measure relies o n the industry 's o wn rating sy stem. John Thomps on: Bac k in the CEO s addle Johns on: Ex ploiting c hange Clos ing W as hington's tec h gap Ph i l l i p J . Bon d’s ‘T ec h Ex ec s’ a ppea r s h er e on T h e Hi l l 's Hi l l i c on V a l l ey Bl og oc c a si on a l l y . RELATED VIDEOS by T abool a Re ach Us Subm it t ing Le tte r s Subm it t ing Ope ds Subs cr ipt ions "I 'm no t a lawy er my self , and I 'm no t go ing to tell y o u that that's go ing to c hange the c o nstitutio nal questio n nec essarily ," he said. He no ted that the go v ernment regulates ac c ess to po rno graphy , and he said f inding the right balanc e between respec ting f ree speec h and pro tec ting c hildren is a "disc ussio n that's go t to c o ntinue." Tw e e t 42 Like 109 Send Cruz c an't be pres ident, Tex as Dem s ay s 2 FROM AROUND THE W EB Billionaire Tells Am ericans to Prepare For "Financial Ruin" by T abool a Pas tor Mocked for His ‘Biblical Money Code,’ Gets Las t Laugh Warren Buffett Slam s Obam acare Mandate GOP rep.: Hous e Republic ans 'tired of being abus ed' by Cruz Paul: There’s no reas on to Power s ay s s he’s rais e the debt c eiling regretted c alling Hillary a mons ter ‘every day s inc e’ M ore Vide os » T E C HNOL OG Y NE WS Do Thes e 7 Things and You'll Get Alzheim er's Hom eo...
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