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Unformatted text preview: wners Are In For A Big Surpris e… 5 Ques tions That Will Not Get You Hired YOU MAY LIKE Gore to GOP: ‘How dare you?’ by T abool a Timberlake: I didn't steal from the president Coburn: Defunding ObamaCare strategy 'not intellectually honest' R EC OMMENDED ST OR IES A LSO ON T HE W EB Tom Hanks wants third term for Obam a Sam s ung Gets No Love on Im port Ban From Obam a Adm inis tration (CIO) s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s Ene rgy De pt. ha cke d; 14,000 e m ploye e s a ffe cte d Pa ndora ta ps te ch policy w a rrior Pow e r dow n: DOE poise d to orde r a ll com pute rs, se rve rs use le ss e le ctricity Cory Booke r w ould like ly sm a sh Tw itte r re cords in the Se na te Re port: Oba m a a ppointe e s using se cre t e m a il a ccounts Apple hire s form e r EPA Adm inistra tor Ja ckson Fe d cha irm a n: 'Hum a nity's ca pa city to innova te ' ha s ne ve r be e n gre a te r House Ke ystone pipe line a dvoca te che e rs a d linke d to Fa ce book founde r Inte rne t sa le s ta x a dva nce s a fte r Oba m a e ndorse m e nt Google m a ke s ne w e le ctricity push DHS: 40 pe rce nt of cybe ra tta cks ta rge te d e ne rgy se ctor 2/10 10/10/13 Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley Harry Reid s lugs the far-right bully Obam a Adm inis tration (CIO) Actres s goes toples s to prom ote Kate Middleton and Her Baby Make Grand Obam aCare Entrance (Holly s c oop) Trucker backs off Beltway protes t Britney Spears ' Down-to-There Neckline Leaves Alm os t Nothing to the Im agination Goldm an Sachs to clients : Shutdown could be a good thing (PHOTO) (CafeMom) Rule finalizes Obam aCare 'fix' for Te chnology Ne w s Archive » 8 Types of Drugs That Can Caus e Leg Cram ps (AARP) lawm akers , s taff m em bers e ne rgy se ctor Form e r he a d of Ene rgy De pt. re se a rch a ge ncy he a ds to Google Ele ctric grid re gula tor cre a te s cybe rse curity office De m la w m a ke r: GOP w rong to ca ll for 'No More Solyndra s' Top California Court Dis allows 'Balance Billing' for ER Treatm ent (MedPage Today ) Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lates t Tantrum Makes Us Trus t Her Even Les s (CafeMom) M ORE FROM T HE WE B Recom m ended by The Hill Ne w spa pe r Like Dick Morris: Okla hom a Suit Ma y End Oba m a ca re 38,852 AP: Only 7% Sa y Oba m a ca re Going W e ll 57 C omments Author Alice Munro W ins Nobe l 5 7 c o mme n t s 0 Dugga rs Try for Ba by No. 20 Prince ss Ha ggle : Ka te Middle ton Asks for Discount Leave a message... Mitt Rom ne y Buys Multim illion 'Log Ca bin' Ea rly-Alz he im e r's Pe a nut Butte r Sm e ll Te st Sha re Be st Support the Shutdow n? Vote He re Wh a t's T h i s? Avatar Gues t • 9 m onths ago T EC HNOLOGY SEC T IONS: I rem em ber the days when parents ac tually parented. 16 Reply Share › Im m o r t a l F i s h Gues t • 9 m onths ago I rem em ber the days when we parents were allowed to parent. Reply Avatar W h i t e y Jo n e s • Hillicon Va lle y Hom e » Inte rvie w s/Profile s » Pe rsonne l Note s » HI L L I C O N V A L L E Y M OST POPUL A R ST ORI E S Mos t Viewed Share › Emailed Dis c us s ed OVERNIGHT TECH: Hous e Intel panel work ing on bill to s ave NSA s py ing 9 m onths ago thats a s tart but until you get the brain dead parents to tell little billy he c ant have the s hoot em up gam e, this will do nothing 5 Avatar OVERNIGHT TECH: Patriot Ac t author preps Freedo...
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