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Unformatted text preview: m Ac t to rein in NSA Cy bers ec urity hinges on s urveillanc e unders tanding, NSA direc tor s ay s Reply wbones t eel • Share › 9 m onths ago There ya go! Exac tly what we need! More laws that turn m ore innoc ent Am eric ans into c rim inals by governm ant fiat. W elc om e to Polic e State Am eric a. Enjoy your s tay! 4 Reply Rep. Amas h: Intelligenc e c ommittees undermine overs ight Blac k burn to introduc e mobile health bill Blog Home » Mos t Viewed RSS Feed » Share › Di s gus t ed by Li bs wbones teel • 9 m onths ago Heil 'bam a! 1 Reply Share › wbones t eel Dis gus ted by Libs • 9 m onths ago W hile their opponents are often blind, the right is oc c as ionally given to reas on and logic . The left is not aware of their own blindnes s . ...but they think that they, and they alone, c an s ee. In that hubris lies their danger, not only to them s elves , but to others . Reply Share › s/hillicon- valley/technolog y/277781- dem- bill- would- ban- sale- of- violent- g ames- to- minor s BR IEFING R OOM Gallup: Cruz ’s favorability rating plunges W hite Hous e: No budget talk s until government reopens DeMint to Obama: 'W e're in this fight' to bring down ObamaCare More Briefing Room » C ONGR ESS BLOG Peac eful s olutions to dangerous s ituations A mark et-driven “Plan Detroit” c an work Democ rats , Republic ans and the aby s s 3/10 10/10/13 Dem lawmaker intr oduces bill to ban sales of violent video g ames to minor s - The Hill' s Hillicon Valley Democ rats , Republic ans and the aby s s Avatar M i k e Nol an • 9 m onths ago More Congress Blog » NRA pats ies belong to both parties . Has this guy ever heard of the 1s t Am endm ent? 4 Avatar Reply Share › O B O ZO TH E C L O W N • 9 m onths ago LMAO! ! ! ! Thes e libs are c radle to grave lunatic s . Stay out of m y bus ines s you f'ing liberal dic ks . 4 Reply Share › PUNDIT S BLOG Financ ial terroris m c ontinues from Hous e GOP; s hutdown mus t end On Jeffers on and Miley Cy rus : Sc ott W alk er c autious ly enters the river Government is s hut down, but Congres s k eeps its gy m open More Pundits Blog » T W IT T ER R OOM F ranc i s OBOZO THE CLOWN • 9 m onths ago Tony T = GOP POS Reply Avatar G o_US A 2012 • Share › 9 m onths ago The Suprem e Court s truc k down a s im ilar California law in 2011, ruling that the res tric tion v iolated the c ons titutional right to free s peec h. The c ourt has n't c hanged - why would the dec is ion? Parents are res pons ible for their own c hildren. 4 Reply Share › JO B S _ O NE Go_USA2012 • 9 m onths ago Oh well, the c ountry got what it voted for on Novem ber 6th. No s ym pathy from m e. Reply F ranc i s Share › JOBS_ONE • 9 m onths ago . 2 Reply Share › robert bubba2 Francis • 9 m onths ago Hey piec e of s hit Franc is ,gues s who . Are you going to run and hide again ??? 1 Reply M adM ex Share › Francis • 9 m onths ago Yup! This c ountry is getting what it voted for; and I wonder how m any buyers rem ors e people are out there today? Reply • Share › 9 m onths ago W e c an always c ount on a...
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