And when they are not sitting in front of a screen

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Unformatted text preview: t, Foehr, Roberts, & Brodie, 1999). And when they are not sitting in front of a screen, children are often engaged in play with toys linked to the media (Carlsson-Paige & Levin, 1990). Over the last 20 years, children have increasingly become a consumer group to be marketed to through the media. Children see an average of 20,000 advertisements per year (Strasburger & Donnerstein, 1999). Beyond just advertisements, they are exposed to television shows, video and computer games, Hollywood movies, the Internet, and media-linked toys that market single themes through media cross-feeding and effectively become 1/12 10/10/13 EBSCOhost advertisements for each other (McChesney, 1999; Seabrook, 1997). This kind of marketing has successfully created a childhood media culture that touches almost all aspects of children's lives. While there are many reasons why this form of marketing can be harmful to children, the fact that violence has become a central...
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