Girls and characters of color are less visible and

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Unformatted text preview: d=18 3/12 10/10/13 EBSCOhost and bad guy qualities more often with nonWhite, even non-human qualities (Children Now, 1998). Girls and characters of color are less visible and play lesser roles. Characters of color are often less well developed than White characters, even on shows where some diversity exists (Children Now, 2000). Often when characters of color are portrayed, it is in Stereotypie ways as seen with characters such as Speedy Gonzalez, Chiquita Banana, and Frito Bandito that make a subtle mockery of Hispanic culture (Rodriguez, 1999). The situation is the same with video games. A recent Children Now survey of video game content found that human characters were almost exclusively White in video games for young children, that nearly all heroes were White, and that while almost all African American females (86%) were victims, when males of color do appear, they were primarily athletes, wrestlers, or fighters (Children Now, 2001). We can often sec racial stereotyping in the depiction of good guy and bad guy characters in Disney films. Because Disney is one of the la...
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