In fact the 1998 children now report also concludes

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Unformatted text preview: just what children see in the media that is the problem, it is also what they do not see. In fact, the 1998 Children Now Report also concludes that protagonists in all children's media and those associated with goodness and power are almost universally White. In children's media, characters are given a persona, which includes racial and ethnic features and which children see repeated again and again on television and in other media. For example, in most violent children's programming, there is a rigid dichotomy portrayed between the protagonists, the "good guy" characters such as the Terminator and Power Rangers, whose violent behavior is linked to positive qualities, and their less developed "enemies" such as Cobra in the GI Joe line and Spiderman's "enemies," whose violent behavior is linked to negative qualities. The good guy qualities are overwhelmingly associated with Whiteness and maleness,
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