In the 1992 movie aladdin aladdin himself who is the

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Unformatted text preview: rgest institutional shapers of children's culture, the whole childhood culture is affected by the images created by Disney. In the 1992 movie Aladdin, Aladdin himself, who is the good guy, is depicted as an Arab but his appearance is Anglicized and he speaks in standard American English. all of the bad guys in the animated film are also Arab, but they have beards, large, bulbous noses, sinister eyes, heavy accents, and wield swords (Giroux, 1999). The film's opening song depicts Arab culture as "barbaric" and violent. Such an image enmeshes racial stereotyping with images of violence. In a second example, the 1998 Disney film Tarzan portrays the central character as a White man. Even though Tarzan lives in Africa, there are no Africans or people of color present in the film (Sun, 2001). Toys linked to these images in the media reinforce the stereotyped messages about race conveyed in the films. Many toys linked to the Aladdin movie perpetuate these stereotypes. For example, in 2001, Fisher-Price, a long-standing marketer of toys for very young children, came out with small action figures called "Bandits"-Arab-lookin...
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