It can help them feel powerful about their own

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Unformatted text preview: velopment; they are also the qualities of play children need in order to work out the media violence they have seen. Such a play process can help children work out stressful and traumatic experiences and begin to heal (Bettelheim, 1987). It can help them feel powerful about their own ability to work things out through play (without needing violence to feel powerful), and move beyond the need for using violence outside of play. Alternatively, the more children's play involves mimicking and imitating someone else's behaviors and scripts-for instance, creating a replica of the violence they have seen on the screen-the less likely they are to meet their needs or learn the important lessons play can provide which can help them move beyond the violence to new things. When children bring the media violence and violent scripts they saw on the screen to this kind of play, their play often stays narrowly focused on imitating the violence. Such play can look like children have gotten stuck at one level of actionthe violence-bringing few, if any, of their own ideas, needs, or skills that could move them...
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