Media violence has become a more significant risk

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Unformatted text preview: ve some risk factors in their lives, low-income children generally have the most and are, therefore, more at risk of being negatively affected by the violence they see in the media. Media violence has become a more significant risk factor for children since the deregulation of television in the 1980's and the escalating marketing of violence that has followed. Children are exposed to more and more media violence in more aspects of their lives and at younger ages (Rideout et al., 1999). What children see shapes their developing ideas about how people treat each other and how the social world works. They build their ideas over time through a long, slow process of construction in which new ideas and skills continually build on earlier ones. Children take what they have seen and heard, in direct experience and in the media, and try it out in their play and interactions with each other. As they try it out, they learn lessons about how to behave. They will bring this violence into their interactions with others; violence then becomes one of the building blocks of their...
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