Much of the concern about how violence in

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Unformatted text preview: focus of this marketing creates a special problem. Much of the concern about how violence in entertainment media is affecting children can be traced back to the deregulation of children's television in 1984 by the Federal Communications Commission. With deregulation, it became legal to sell toys and other products linked to specific TV programs for the first time. As a result, the toy and television industries quickly joined together to develop toy-linked TV shows. Within one year of deregulation, 9 of the 10 best-selling toys were connected to TV shows (Carlsson-Paige & Levin, 1990). Deregulation opened the door for mass marketing to children. In a climate with little government regulation, media corporations consolidated, making marketing to children, especially through the cross-feeding of single themes, an appealing practice to those looking for profits. An environment in which children were deluged with violent media images grew; these images rapidly became central in the culture of childhood and were almost impossible to avoid. As the rest of this article will assert, the violent media culture ever since that time has had far-reaching, harmful effects on children, families, and society (Cantor, 1...
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