The more children use their own problem solving

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Unformatted text preview: it meets their needs to work through the violence they see and move on to more positive issues depends on the nature of their play. A positive play process is a creation of each child's imagination, abilities, experiences, and needs. The more children use their own problem-solving abilities and are in control of what happens as they play-as scriptwriters, actors, prop people, producers, and directors-the more they are likely to get play's full benefits. Children need the time, space, props, and toys that encourage them to transform their past experiences through an ongoing and evolving play process. When this process happens, each child's play does not look exactly like the play of any other child. 6/12 10/10/13 EBSCOhost As children engage in creative play, they actually learn how to think creatively, take risks, and solve social, emotional, and intellectual problems. These are qualities essential to healthy de...
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