When children see the violence it looks exciting

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Unformatted text preview: 13 EBSCOhost Because of young children's focus on the concrete and their inability to connect actions with their effects, they are particularly vulnerable to glamorized violence shown in the media. When children see the violence, it looks exciting, powerful, and the method of choice for resolving conflicts. They try to act it out before they can fully understand its meaning or are fully able to think through how it affects others. Teachers often report how surprised some children are when the violent actions they imitate in play hurt other children. The desensitization to violence described by researchers begins at an early age and is fueled by glamorized violence shown to children before they are able to understand its effects (Carlsson-Paige & Levin, 1991). These same characteristics of young children's thinking also make them especially vulnerable to messages in the media about race. Because of young children's tendency to focus on salient and visible features, the attributes of characters i...
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