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Unformatted text preview: rld that will perpetuate racism and inequality. The Children's Television Charter was adopted in Munich, Germany in 1995. Its first four principles are at direct odds with most of the practices of marketing violence to children through 9/12 10/10/13 EBSCOhost the media that have been described in this article: * Children should have programs of high quality which are made specifically for them and which do not exploit them. [Emphasis added] * Children should hear, see and express themselves, their culture, their language, and their life experiences, through television programs which affirm their sense of self, community, and place. * Children's programs should promote an awareness and appreciation of other cultures in parallel with the child's own cultural background. * Children's programs should be wide-ranging in genre and content, but should not include gratuitous scenes of violence and sex. (Von Feilitzen...
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