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ARH312 Notes - March 27, 2008

ARH312 Notes - March 27, 2008 - Golden Haggadah Barcelona...

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ARH312 Notes – March 27, 2008 Jewish Ibn Shoshan Synagogue (Santa Maria la Blanca), Toledo, Spain, 13 th c. 1. design a. divided into 5 aisles. b. Unusual special organization may have resulted from convivencia (peaceful coexistence) c. Interior once covered in rich Hebrew calligraphy but was all covered with Christian takeover. d. Archways indicate inclusion of different religious beliefs. Synagogue of Samuel Halevi Abulafia (El Transitio), Toledo, Spain,1 355 1. Constructed about a century after the Ibn Shoshan a. Personal synagogue for the treasurer and advisor to Pedro I of Castile, Samuel Halevi b. El transitio- reference to its afterlife as a church dedicated to the assumption of the virgin. c. Decorated with multilobed arches and intricate stucco relief panels. d. Display of geometric and organic patterns, reminiscent of muslim design, and inscriptions referring to the temple of Solomon, heighten the sanctity of the space.
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Unformatted text preview: Golden Haggadah, Barcelona, Spain, 1320 1. finest of the surviving Haggadah manuscripts. a. Haggadah- marration b. Service book used in households on Passover eve at a festival meal to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt. 2. One of the most decorated books, designed to be used at home by young children to educate and provide example for artistic creativity. 3. Text conatins Passover poems. Text is followed by series of full page miniatures depicting scenes from the exodus. 4. Golden tooled background make these illuminated manuscripts famous. 5. Two artists in the northern French gothic style. 6. 17 th century Italian binding has elaborate cover and border. Hebrew is written from right to left, so the golden haggadah opens from the right as well. FINAL EXAM QUESTION Choose one work of art from middle ages <1500. Relate it to what we have been studying in class. Iconography, materials, patronage....
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